People Powering Performance via human capital research-based consulting & advisory services


To create or upgrade your talent strategy, you need up-to-date leading practices and know what your competition is doing. We use a proprietary, one-of-a-kind, research-based consulting methodology that top-performing organizations rely on to create magnificent work environments, develop great leaders, unleash employee potential, and sustain big results.

Our method yields a combination of quantitative data and qualitative insights that come together to form evidence-based human capital strategies and success stories
top-performers simply can’t live without.

Actionable Research-based outcomes


  • Identify and prioritize key business drivers
  • Identify measurements of success

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  • Hold project kick-off meeting with client core team
  • Define short- and long-term project goals
  • Define link between business goals and project goals
  • Define project deliverables
  • Define required project communication
  • Define project timeline
  • Define expectations
  • Define metrics for success

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  • Identify all stakeholders – HR and talent leaders, executives and other business leaders and project team members
  • Engage in discussion with all stakeholders to align on project goals

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  • Gain agreement with executives and other business leaders on project approach
  • Agree with executives and other business leaders on project direction and management
  • Gain support and buy-in from executives and other business leaders
  • Clarify with executives and other business leaders the project deliverables
  • Hold executive kick-off meeting

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  • Review business strategy
  • Review talent study
  • Review organizational structure

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  • Communicate the project goals and benefits to stakeholders
  • Identify and manage risks

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Evaluate business and talent landscape

  • Study current trends
  • Make hypotheses about impact of current trends on future business goals

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Survey target audience

  • Design survey questions to gather quantitative data
  • Launch survey to target audience
  • Gather, analyze, and synthesize empirical insights

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Interview target audience

  • Select target audiences that have a vested interest in achieving the business goals
  • Talk with target audiences to gain clarity for select survey points and gain color and context regarding the quantitative data

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Study refereed research

  • Be intimate with scholarly and academic publications comparing/contrasting their findings to our results
  • Debate provocatively to test our hypotheses and formulate new insights

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Consult internal experts

  • Share quantitative and qualitative results, hypotheses and insights with internal community
  • Validate and test practicality and usability of our findings

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Study benchmarks

  • Compare and contrast our results and insights to publicly available benchmarks

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Document initial leading practices and emerging trends

  • Document leading practices emerging within high performance organizations
  • Create initial draft of findings, leading practices, and emerging trends

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Test in the market

  • Validate and fortify leading practices and emerging trends within analyst community, advisory boards, and select clients and/or prospects
  • Add new perspectives as appropriate

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Publish research

  • Publish research-based reports, tools, frameworks, roadmaps, and illustrative models inclusive of quantitative and qualitative findings and actionable recommendations

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Prepare for strategy session/workshop

  • Prepare materials to include research publications, tools, and/or roadmaps
  • Identify and invite session participants to include CEO, other senior business leaders, and HR/Talent leaders

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Conduct strategy session/workshop

  • Facilitate internal session to gain consensus on published research
  • Agree upon recommended changes needed and next steps

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Plan a roadmap

  • Create a one-page draft action plan focused on critical next steps
  • Hand off action plan to senior leadership
  • Enable senior leadership to socialize action plan with other internal stakeholders

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Revise and finalize roadmap

  • Follow up with senior leadership
  • Finalize action plan

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Support education and communication to clients & prospects

  • Share resesearch findings at an upcoming internal town hall and/or external conference
  • Support discussions with clients and prospects
  • Enable client networking to enable and support continuous improvement

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