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Without user-friendly implementation tools, ideas stay as ideas. Talent transformation, implementation, and sustainment is so much easier when given a tool set. Our clients use our proprietary tools to action-ize ideas, take their human capital practices to the next level, and consistently outperform peers.


culture assessment

  • Purpose: To diagnose the health of your culture
  • Why it matters: Accelerating business results relies on transformation and transformation can't occur in the absence of a healthy culture
  • How to use results: Action plan to close gaps and improve overall health of your culture

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employee experience inventory

  • Purpose: To assess how well your organization is creating a holistic employee experience
  • Why it matters: Retention of top talent is contingent on the organization's ability to create an employee experience
  • How to use results: Action plan to close gaps and instantiate an employee experience, not isolated events and programs

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change readiness evaluation

  • Purpose: To diagnose organizational readiness for transformation
  • Why it matters: Change is the only constant in today's complex business climate and effectively implementing transformation accelerates business results
  • How to use results: Gain insights on how to improve organizational excellence by inculcating a culture that enables change management and execution

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HR skills assessment

  • Purpose: To diagnose current state of your HR team's capability
  • Why it matters: HR leaders are integral in partnering with business leaders to solve business problems. Without modern day skills, HR leaders will be unable to serve the business in a way that makes a difference
  • How to use results: Action plan to close HR leaders' skill gaps

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organizational structure evaluation

  • Purpose: To define the current state organizational structure
  • Why it matters: Today's best performing organizations rely on a structure of highly networked, high performance teams -- not a hierarchy of leaders
  • How to use results: Determine gaps in structure strategy and action plan for higher impact

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innovation readiness questionnaire

  • Purpose: To diagnose the readiness of your organization to act with agility and creative thinking
  • Why it matters: Improving and sustaining business results relies on an agile, creative culture and work environment
  • How to use results: Move an organizational environment that is satisfied with status quo to one of continuous improvement by embracing change, embracing change, and rewarding diversity of thinking

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leader-as-coach inventory

  • Purpose: To determine how effective your leaders are as coaches
  • Why it matters: Leaders who coach employees to develop their strengths (rather than attempt to fix their weaknesses) empower employees to perform at their very best
  • How to use results: Determine leaders' coaching gaps and action plan to improve their skills

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survey data

  • Purpose: Make research-based (not hunch based)  talent actions and decisions
  • Why it matters: The highest performing organizations align talent and business strategies -- alignment is impossible without empirical data to drive it
  • How to use results: Determine leading talent practices to build a human capital strategy that enables high performance business results

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score cards

  • Purpose: Diagnose current health of all things human capital -- succession, leadership development, learning, career management and more
  • Why it matters: Building and sustaining human capital practices that have a measurable impact on the business start by knowing current state, defining future state, and closing the gaps between the two
  • How to use results: Use executive-style red/yellow/green self-reported score card results to action plan for closing gaps

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