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Video Communications Blazing Trail to Engagement

Video Communications Blazing Trail to Engagement

Authored by: Laci Loew
May 5, 2016

Every area of HR is being transformed. Organizations are shaping new recruiting approaches, ditching traditional performance management, deepening succession, and building learning organizations. High performance organizations are renovating their HR function with focus on creating a holistic employee experience, using analytics to intimately know the segments that comprise workforces, and offering choices to employees. Providers of human capital solutions are stepping up to enable HR/Talent leaders to steward effective solutions and to give business leaders the tools to take action. Taking action means creating an irresistible workplace where employees are happy, inspired, and engaged because — to start — communication is regular, frequent, transparent, straightforward, and compelling.

Enter GuideSpark – a workforce communications solution. Reporting from Redwood City, CA at the third annual GuideSpark analyst and customer event known as ENGAGE2016, CEO Keith Kitani kicked off by sharing metrics eliciting a collective “sit up and pay attention” from the analyst community. Over the last two years, the number of net new GuideSpark customers more than quadrupled. In the most recent 12-month period, revenues took the same steep upward trajectory, net promoter scores never looked better, and organic growth rates are, well yes, growing too! I would be hard pressed to believe there isn’t a single organization who doesn’t want a performance record like that. And a path to that success story is simple: get yourself what GuideSpark has!

If you were an early adopter of GuideSpark, you know they opened shop in 2008. Over the past seven years, they have developed a selection of way-cool videos to communicate key messages that every employee has to have: How do I make my benefit elections? What do I need to know as a new hire here? How does compensation work? To give HR teams a way to share answers, GuideSpark transformed traditional corporate communication protocol replacing binders of dry and boring processes scribbled on paper with videos that have earned viewings over and over and over because they are that good. Well, that was GuideSpark then.

Today, the sun shines even brighter in the GuideSpark offices. Still leveraging beyond-cool content and now adorned with personalization driven by their new analytics functionality, they have transformed from a collection of a la carte videos to a communications platform that helps organizations solve real business problems. I’m talking about problems that CEOs and CHROs grapple with every day – how to give my employees their best shot at performance, how to help employees grow their skills to realize their career aspirations, and how to ensure my workforce is keen on harassment policies as examples. The newly released GuideSpark solution is a true communications platform (replacing their original a la carte video portfolio) with built-in implementation optimization underscored by their next generation video wrapped with change management tools and messaging in critical areas of talent management including performance management and career management (and more to come!).

As if that isn’t enough, GuideSpark comes to the rescue this year adding financial wellness content to their communication platform. Take a look at the data underscoring the criticality of financial literacy. The American Psychological Association says that one million people miss work each day due to stress, pillaging the economy of $300 billion in productivity each year. That statistic is integral to the need for workplace financial literacy after considering the leading causes of stress.  Seventy-two percent of people say that money is their top stressor, and that number jumps up another four points when describing Millennials who comprise more than half of our workforces. Simple, well-communicated financial wellness messages have the potential to make employees feel more secure in their own financial situation, more satisfied with their current compensation, and less at the mercy of larger economic machinations. Thank you, GuideSpark, for being there.

After learning this week about GuideSpark’s go-forward roadmap, I am certain that the Sparks can be counted on to come to market quickly with additional, captivating messages. They are targeting people issues that most of us are grappling with daily and essential for creating competitive advantage: talent development, culture, and diversity & inclusion are already on the front end of their product roadmap.

To ensure their clients’ success, they have recently created a proprietary client success model. With this model comes a tiered and dedicated customer success team to ensure that organizations who bought (oh and yeah….the price point is more than modest – even the smallest of organizations with tiny budgets can play) the GuideSpark solution can begin to correlate investment with business impact on key metrics. It too seems to be working!

While enjoying lunch yesterday with several of GuideSpark’s customers (who actually comprise their Customer Advisory Board – another smart move, Sparks!) this is what I heard as they shared candidly about their experiences with GuideSpark:

  • “We started using some of the first GuideSpark videos. Now, we are using their communications solution to initiate a culture change.”
  • “They let me co-create with them our video content to ensure it aligns with our corporate posture. And they turn the content so fast. Their diligence on content creation timelines kept us honest to launch on time and meet our business goals.”
  • “I have been using the GuideSpark videos for some time now. Our employees love them web link. Can’t wait to see what new they have coming around the corner.”

GuideSpark executives and employees are beyond smart – they get it – they understand what the messaging needs to be in today’s HR functions, and how employees want to consume it, in order to help their clients accelerate business results.

It appears that GuideSpark is the darling for many. In 2014, they earned the #6 spot as the Best Place to Work in San Francisco. Last year, the company was named 7th fastest growing tech firm by Silicon Valley Business Journal, and 28th fastest software company on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500.

The GuideSpark “Sparks” are real movers and shakers. If you have workplace communication needs and want the result of your communication efforts to be employees who give discretionary effort freely to accelerate and sustain your competitive edge, check out GuideSpark before you waste another minute crafting your traditional paper-based workplace communications.

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