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2016 HR SHINE Conference – Annual Human Resources Conference

2016 HR SHINE Conference – Annual Human Resources Conference

Workshop: Healthy Pipelines Bring Life to Senior Care Living Organizations

Speaker: Laci Loew

Date: September 21, 2016

Register here: 2016 HR Senior Care Industry Summit

Today, senior care is struggling with a 24% turnover rate on average—one of the highest among all industries. Senior care executives and leaders are talking about employee engagement and retaining top talent. While most have the best of intentions when it comes to building their talent pipeline and leveraging succession to prepare for the future, very few are actually doing it. Done right, succession management has a measurable, reportable impact on the business. And doing it rights starts with a keen understanding of the highest priority practices, how your organizations executes on those practices, and taking action on closing the gap between the two.

To close the gaps, you need data. This session gives you just that – quantitative data derived from your personal Succession Score Card that you completed pre-session. In-session, we will explore the meaning of your Score Card results and share stories of success and failure – qualitative data points often helpful to making meaning of the Score Card data. If you are interested in taking a pragmatic approach, business-driven approach to succession management and taking home the beginnings of a real action plan to begin building a healthy talent pipeline, then this is the session to join.

During our two hours together, we will do real work that pivots around your organization’s unique Succession Score Card results – a proprietary, research-based fee-based tool typically only available to Laci Loew & Company clients.

In this session, we will:

  • Pinpoint the critical components of succession management in senior care
  • Compare your organization’s Succession Score Card results to leading practice
  • Action plan for succession that has a measurable business difference in your organization
  • Define a road map that transforms your succession practices from average to high impact
  • You will leave this session, with:


You will leave this session, with:

  • A succession resource kit of key tools to align and engage your organization’s stakeholders around your initial action plan
  • An opportunity to sign up for a complimentary 30-minute post conference phone consult with Laci Loew & Company tailored uniquely around your Score Card results and your organization’s unique succession needs
  • A 14-day access to the online Succession Score Card so your business leaders can participate in the assessment process as well



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