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Webcast: The Networked Organization Supersedes the Hierarchy for Better Business Impact

Webcast: The Networked Organization Supersedes the Hierarchy for Better Business Impact

In order to build tomorrow’s workforce today, it’s time to look beyond the traditional organizational chart. Formalizing employee teams, teams of teams, and networks can stimulate collaboration and unlock undiscovered business value. A networked structure empowers employees to work cooperatively enabling timely, valuable knowledge and insights exchange thus increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness. As employee networks widen and deepen, they can mobilize critical knowledge and reveal key contributors and experts, including marginalized talent, hidden talent and underutilized talent, across the enterprise.

If driving better business results is anywhere on your short-list, then you know that employee networks have assumed a place of prominence in both public and private sectors as the foremost means of organizing to solve complex challenges and achieve collective goals. So, it’s unfortunate, at a time when the ability to create business value increasingly depends on experts’ knowledge and the sharing of their curated insights™, that so many HR and other business leaders haven’t done far more to harness the power of informal networks. But, some of the best organizations across the globe have already institutionalized a networked workforce structure, and now is the time to scoop up vital learnings from them.

This webcast in “fireside chat” style among leading network experts will offer actionable insights on:

  • Decoding hierarchical versus matrix versus networked organizational structures
  • Transforming traditional hierarchical or matrixed structures into tomorrow’s new networked model
  • Identifying experts within the networks and leveraging their insights among all network members



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Webcast: The Networked Organization Supersedes the Hierarchy for Better Business Impact

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