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HR in Transformation…and if not, should be

HR in Transformation…and if not, should be

Authored by: Laci Loew
May 11, 2016

As I shared in an earlier post this year, for the first time, leadership cited the organization’s people strategy as being the single most-critical conduit to amplifying business results. Only people – well equipped with the right tools, skills, and passion – can execute on the business strategy. Our talent landscape is at $5 billion and growing 17% annually.  Learning content is a $107 billion market.

The intersection between people strategy and content spotlights key HR trends with which organizations today are grappling and associated business implications with which they, and their talent providers, must be concerned:

Key HR Trends Critical Business Implications



·      From in-office to remote

·      From FTEs to multiple personas

·      From hierarchical to flat organizational structures

·      From compliance-based diversity to an inclusive business strategy

·      From learning products to user-centric experiences

·      Build and nurture a collaborative culture

·      Embrace creative thinking and enable informed, critical analysis

·      Create a holistic employee experience, not isolated talent events

·      Leverage predictive analytics to intimately know the nuances and expectations of your workforce


Talent Strategy ·      From focus on “get the job done” to “give discretionary effort”

·      From HR initiatives to talent experiences

·      From transactional metrics to predictive analytics

·      From performance appraisals to development conversations

·      From learning events to learning cultures

·      Create channels for employees to learn and grow in a personalized style

·      Build managers’ and leaders’ skills to have conversations – authentically and regularly

·      Offer choices to employees in everything they touch and do

·      Empower employees to “get better” not just “do a good job”

 Source: 2016 Laci Loew & Company LLC

Today’s HR trends and associated business implications mean significant transformations in talent and learning strategies. Organizations often look to talent and learning providers to enable transformation that can be counted on to indicate real business impact.

Skillsoft can help. Stories shared this week from their leadership team and clients offer some level of evidence. It usually starts with the end: better business results. Getting better outcomes requires a people strategy that yields happy employees and engaged workforces.

To execute on these outcomes, Skillsoft shared their in-progress efforts on shaping modern learning and talent solutions. During breakfast this morning with CEO Bill Donoghue, he summed it up as “beautiful technology and engaging content.” With 400 million users and one billion learning modules offered in 29 languages across 160 countries, Skillsoft has traditionally been known as the world’s e-learning provider of choice.

I concur with that sentiment and also invite you to consider the transformation Skillsoft is ensuing to step up to today’s HR trends and business implications. Their leadership, product, sales, and customer success teams are working with fervor to expand their talent portfolio. This week they announced a near-term release of their recruiting and onboarding solutions. Their broader and deeper combined learning and talent portfolio will help their clients take critical talent actions:

  • Find top talent
  • Develop that talent via a unique experience with personalized content
  • Give talent their best shot at continuously better performance
  • Retain the talent that freely gives discretionary effort

This week, during Skillsoft’s annual Perspectives Conference where more than 1,200 HR/HRIS/Talent and business professionals gathered in Las Vegas, several of their clients including Capgemini, Eaton, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and University of California described their success stories around these critical actions. These organizations reported their use of the Skillsoft solution – in whole or part — to drive an employee experience that amps up their business results.

Using an assessment instrument modeled similarly to those offered by my own company, these companies and others can determine their readiness to execute on these critical actions as well as define organizational changes that may be of first priority like executive engagement, collaborative culture,  accountability and other strategic talent imperatives.

Knowing that peer conversations and benchmarking opportunities enable insights that often facilitate better business and talent decisions, Skillsoft steps up to empower their clients with 24×7 sharing capability via two online communities —cc.skillsoft simvastatin 20 mg and If you don’t yet have access to these talent communities, please feel free to start or continue conversations here about how you are embracing today’s HR trends and advancing learning and talent in your organizations to accelerate and sustain business success.

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